Book Review for HANNA WHO FELL FROM THE SKY by Christopher Meades

HANNA WHO FELL FROM THE SKY by Christopher Meades
Park Row
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  My Highly Caffeinated Thought: An emotionally charged look at faith and discovering your own truths in a coming of age tale. 

HANNA WHO FELL FROM THE SKY is in its simplest form a coming of age story. It follows Hanna on her journey to figuring out a path into a new phase in her life as well as realizing just how different she is from all the others in community of Clearhaven.


This story is beautifully written. Meades truly knows how to weave together a story filled with emotion, young love, and discovery all the while including a magical realism. I loved experiencing Hanna’s life and getting a glimpse inside her head. It is with her thoughts and observations that the book comes alive. For those of you that think that the fantasy or magical elements might be too much, they aren’t. The way that they are presented only stretch the reader’s imagination just enough to get caught up in the fantastical origin story.

Reviewer Disclaimer: I received an this book from the publisher and TLC Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.

Plot Summary:

A magical, provocative tale of forbidden love and one girl's struggle for liberation

Hanna has never been outside her secluded community of Clearhaven. She has never questioned why her father has four wives or why she has fourteen brothers and sisters. And in only one week, on her eighteenth birthday, Hanna will follow tradition and become the fifth wife of a man more than twice her age. 

But just days before the wedding, Hanna meets an enigmatic stranger who challenges her to question her fate and to follow her own will. And when her mother reveals a secret—one that could grant her the freedom she's known only in her dreams—Hanna is forced to decide whether she was really meant for something greater than the claustrophobic world of Clearhaven. But can she abandon her beloved younger sister and the only home she's ever known? Or is there another option—one too fantastical to believe? 

With lush, evocative prose, award-winning author Christopher Meades takes readers on an emotional journey into a fascinating, unknown world—and, along the way, brilliantly illuminates complexities of faith, identity and how our origins shape who we are.

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About the Author: Christopher Meades is a Vancouver author whose novel The Last Hiccup won the 2013 Canadian Authors Association Award for Fiction. His first novel The Three Fates of Henrik Nordmark was released by ECW Press in 2010, followed by The Last Hiccup (2012) and For The Love of Mary (2016). Fall 2017 will see the release of Hanna Who Fell From The Sky (Park Row Books). His story The Walking Lady won the 2009 Toyon fiction prize. His fiction has been featured in The Fiddlehead, Upstreet, The Dalhousie Review, Vancouver Province, Write On, The Delinquent (UK), Welter (Baltimore U.), Inch, Cause & Effect, Inscape, Toyon, The Offbeat, Delivered (UK), The Feathertale Review, Sierra Nevada Review, Canadian Stories, The Potomac Review, The Penguin Review, Thema and Nonymous.

Book Details

Hardcover: 352 pages
Publisher: Park Row (September 26, 2017)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0778328732
ISBN-13: 978-0778328735

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