Book Review for "Living with Your Body and Other Things You Hate" by Emily Sandoz, PhD and Troy DuFrene

It can be safe to say that most of us have some sort of body image issues. No one is perfect and I am no different. So when I was looking in to books for this month, Living with Your Body and Other Things You Hate by Emily Sandoz, PhD and Troy DuFrene stood out.

From the description alone, I started to realize that this book is a bit different than the other books on the subject. It uses a method called ACT. The purpose of acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) is to get you (and me) to be able to live a life that moves you closer and closer to being the person you want to be.

This book is by no means easy, so if you are not willing to put in the work and really look at how your feelings about body image are effecting your life, this may not be the book for you. This is a book that will give you tools so that you are able to work on what is causing your body image issues. It is also a book that offers no judgement. I know it seems odd, but there is a real sense of compassion from the authors are you flip through the pages. I didn't once feel that they were judging me...even if I judge myself.

The authors to not offer a check list or rules that you have to follow in order to like your body better. They offer tips and explain the four opportunities that we all have for change - being present, seeing beyond your thoughts, accepting experiences, and getting to know you. In addition, these two authors asked to make commitments at the end of each chapter in order to further work on the practices that appear in the book.

Living with Your Body and Other Things You Hate offers the reader a different way to address their body image issues. Quite frankly, it is refreshing. If you are ready to do the work and change the way you think, then I suggest that you pick up this book and discover the acceptance and commitment therapy.

Highly Caffeinated Rating of… ☕ ☕ ☕ ☕

About the Book:

Let’s be honest: most people are unhappy with at least some aspect of their physical appearance. Just think of all the money we spend each year trying to improve our looks! But if worrying about your appearance is getting in the way of living, maybe it’s time to start thinking about body image in a completely new way.

Based in proven-effective acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), Living with Your Body and Other Things You Hate offers a unique approach to addressing your struggle with body image. In this book, you will not be told that your self-perceptions are wrong, that your thoughts are irrational, or that your feelings are misguided. Instead, you will learn to live with the reality that these often painful thoughts and beliefs about yourself will arise from time to time, and that what is really important is accepting these distressing thoughts without allowing them to dominate your life.

You know what it’s like to constantly be checking the mirror, to avoid certain social situations where your body may be exposed, or to gaze longingly at a fashion model in a magazine and think, “Why can’t I be her?” But what you may not know is that people who struggle with negative body image are at an increased risk for depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and low self-esteem. Body image problems can even lead to major financial issues. By focusing on your appearance and little else, you are hurting yourself in more ways than one.

If you are ready to find a purpose in life that is more important than the pain you feel about your appearance, this book provides a truthful, powerful resource.

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About the Authors:

Emily K. Sandoz, PhD, is assistant professor of psychology at University of Louisiana at Lafayette, LA. She is a therapist who specializes in treating clients using acceptance and commitment therapy. Sandoz is coauthor of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Eating Disorders and Mindfulness and Acceptance for Bulimia. She received her doctorate from the University of Mississippi, and she lives and works in Lafayette, LA.
Troy DuFrene is a writer in the San Francisco Bay Area who specializes in psychology. He is coauthor of Coping with OCD; Mindfulness for Two; Things Might Go Terribly, Horribly Wrong; Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Eating Disorders; and Mindfulness and Acceptance for Bulimia.

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