Book Review for MAHALAS LANE by Marianne Cushing

MAHALAS LANE by Marianne Cushing
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There is something about a well written mystery that brings me back to when I first discovered one of my favorite series in the genre, Nancy Drew. I loved the twists and turns, the foiled plots, and of course trying to figure out who the real culprit was. Back then, everything was so new to me. Now, many years later, I search for that same excitement when I open a mystery. I will admit, that some have fallen flat, but there are others that grab hold and keep me guessing until the end. Those are books that keep me coming back for more.

In MAHALAS LANE, author Marianne Cushing creates such a well-crafted story, that you will not want to put down this book until the very last page. At every turn of the page, she throws something new at you. Just as the characters get a taste of peace, it is shattered by the events that unfolds in this sleepy Maine town of Owls Head.

Murder, secrets, deception, and abduction are all present and accounted for throughout this book. However, there are also moments between our heroine, Maddi, and the local sheriff, Josh, that create breaks in the story which allow the reader to become even more invested in the outcome. In fact, while I was reading, I found myself wondering, with a dark secret of Mahalas Lane looming over the residents, who will come out of this story alive?

With a touch of romance, a bit of murder and a dark town secret, MAHALAS LANE is a perfect winter read to curl up with. It will keep you guessing up until the end.

Reviewer Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

About the Book:

Exhausted and dismayed, Madi Lyons arrives on the rocky shores of Maine, hoping for a relaxing respite from Madison Avenue’s relentless grind. Twelve-hour days and the sudden news of her best friend’s engagement have the aspiring creative director’s head spinning. Shortly after settling in at the quaint rental cottage, she is awoken by the local sheriff with startling news: A woman has been murdered on her private beach. A violent encounter next door and an elusive stranger draw Madi deeper into Mahalas Lane’s mysterious past, while a magnetic attraction propels her into the sheriff’s welcoming arms. Will she find the solace she seeks, or will a small town’s dark secrets cost her the ultimate sacrifice—the love of her life?

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About the Author: Marianne Cushing always knew she would pursue a creative career. In the late eighties, armed with her portfolio and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Syracuse University, she knocked on the door of every mega agency, ready to make her mark among New York City’s advertising elite. But Cushing never made it to Madison Avenue.

Perhaps it was the sun, or maybe the margaritas, that possessed the young Cushing and her new groom not to return home from their Florida honeymoon. Yet regardless of the setting, Cushing’s impressive career has spanned more than two and a half decades, mostly spent as creative director of her own international award-winning advertising agency. It was during this tenure that Cushing’s love for the written word flourished.

In a bold move, Cushing retired from the agency in 2010 to live out her dream of becoming a novelist. Fortunately for Cushing (and her wallet), she was recruited shortly thereafter by a women’s fashion retail brand, where she currently serves as copy director.

Cushing’s debut novel, Mahalas Lane, was inspired by the author’s real life summer stay at the quaint Maine cottage on the lane that bears the novel’s name. It was during her family’s 25-hour drive home to Florida that the story of murder and romance unfolded. Five years in the making, Mahalas Lane is a tribute to Cushing’s first love–her husband of 25+ years.

Cushing resides in Fort Myers, Florida, with husband Gene, daughter Taryn, and their four fur babies, Elliot, Mia Rosa, Cheyenne and Tucker.

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