Book Review for GIRL WASH YOUR FACE by Rachel Hollis

GIRL WASH YOUR FACE: Stop Believing the Lies About Who You Are so You Can Become Who You Were Meant to Be by Rachel Hollis
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My Highly Caffeinated Thought: The perfect combination of honesty, humor, and motivation.

If you don't know who Rachel Hollis is, then I respectfully ask you to stop reading this, go Google her and follow her on social media. When you are done, come back here. I will wait...

Book Review for GIRL WASH YOUR FACE by Rachel Hollis

Done? Good. Now, let's talk about GIRL WASH YOUR FACE. This is the book I needed to read. You see, I am that person who looks at everyone else and wonders how they all have it figured out while I am still making sense of my life. I am constantly looking outside myself and comparing what I do to what others are achieving.

Having read the author's fiction books and trying out her recipes in UPSCALE DOWNHOME, I knew I liked the author's style. However, what I didn't expect was to read GIRL WASH YOUR FACE and have a lightbulb moment. Hollis lays it all out there with heart and humor. If you don't feel motivated to get out of your own way and start seeing that you need to show up for yourself, then maybe this isn't the right book for you. And that is okay. For me, I felt as if Hollis opened my eyes to what I knew but didn't want to face. Why do I just sit on the sidelines and hope for things to happen to me? I need to put in the work and make it happen.

I highly recommend this book for women who are searching to regain their essence and passion for whatever they feel they have lost.

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Do you ever suspect that everyone else has life figured out and you don’t have a clue? If so, Rachel Hollis has something to tell you: that’s a lie.

As the founder of the lifestyle website and CEO of her own media company, Rachel Hollis developed an immense online community by sharing tips for better living while fearlessly revealing the messiness of her own life. Now, in this challenging and inspiring new book, Rachel exposes the twenty lies and misconceptions that too often hold us back from living joyfully and productively, lies we’ve told ourselves so often we don’t even hear them anymore.

With painful honesty and fearless humor, Rachel unpacks and examines the falsehoods that once left her feeling overwhelmed and unworthy, and reveals the specific practical strategies that helped her move past them. In the process, she encourages, entertains, and even kicks a little butt, all to convince you to do whatever it takes to get real and become the joyous, confident woman you were meant to be.

With unflinching faith and rock-hard tenacity, Girl, Wash Your Face shows you how to live with passion and hustle--and how to give yourself grace without giving up.

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About the Author: Rachel Hollis is a #1 New York Times best-selling author of Girl, Wash Your Face, a TV personality, top motivational speaker, top podcast host, CCO of the company she founded, and mother of four. Rachel was named by Inc. Magazine as one of the “Top 30 Entrepreneurs under 30” and she is deeply passionate about empowering women in business.

She's become known as "the Tony Robbins for women" because of her motivational, high energy style and her unique ability to empower and embolden a female audience. Motivational, inspirational, and always approachable, Rachel’s tell-it-like-it-is attitude is a refreshing approach that allows her to authentically connect with audiences everywhere.

Her company, The Hollis Company exists to arm people with the tools to make positive and lasting change. They do this by creating media, products, inspiration and community that challenges their audience to reach for a better version of themselves every day. They believe that everyone can benefit from a personal growth mindset--most especially people who’ve never
encountered it before.

Book Details:

 Hardcover: 240 pages
Publisher: Thomas Nelson; paper back edition (February 6, 2018)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 9781400201655
ISBN-13: 978-1400201655

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