Book Review for GOLDEN CHILD by Claire Adam

GOLDEN CHILD by Claire Adam
SJP for Hogarth
☕ ☕ ☕ + 1/2
My Highly Caffeinated Thought: A tense and thought-provoking novel that explores family, suffering, and deception.

GOLDEN CHILD is a searing look into the life of one family in Trinidad. Adam gives her reader something that is uniquely Trinidadian, yet transcends any real borders. The author has the ability to weave together the issues of living in this country while raising a family, the emotional toll of a missing child, and the impact of decisions seamlessly. This eloquent and compelling book will stay with you. Trust me.

Book Review for GOLDEN CHILD by Claire Adam

I will be completely honest with you all. At the end of the day, I am not sure how I feel about this novel. The writing was perfection and flowed effortlessly. The story was engaging, but there was something I cannot put my finger on. I feel as if I might have missed something with the plot. However, this could just be because I am always reading books with surprise endings or standard tropes.

All in all, the GOLDEN CHILD should be read. The book is good and brings diversity to the literary world with a powerful story.

Reviewer Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher and TLC Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.

A new novel from Sarah Jessica Parker’s imprint, SJP for Hogarth: a deeply affecting debut novel set in Trinidad, following the lives of a family as they navigate impossible choices about scarcity, loyalty, and love

Rural Trinidad: a brick house on stilts surrounded by bush; a family, quietly surviving, just trying to live a decent life. Clyde, the father, works long, exhausting shifts at the petroleum plant in southern Trinidad; Joy, his wife, looks after the home. Their two sons, thirteen years old, wake early every morning to travel to the capital, Port of Spain, for school. They are twins but nothing alike: Paul has always been considered odd, while Peter is widely believed to be a genius, destined for greatness.

When Paul goes walking in the bush one afternoon and doesn't come home, Clyde is forced to go looking for him, this child who has caused him endless trouble already, and who he has never really understood. And as the hours turn to days, and Clyde begins to understand Paul’s fate, his world shatters—leaving him faced with a decision no parent should ever have to make.

Like the Trinidadian landscape itself, GOLDEN CHILD is both beautiful and unsettling; a resoundingly human story of aspiration, betrayal, and love.

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About the Author: Claire Adam was born and raised in Trinidad. She lives in London.

Book Details:

Hardcover: 288 pages
Publisher: SJP for Hogarth (January 29, 2019)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0525572996
ISBN-13: 978-0525572992

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