Book Review for ONCE A LIAR by A. F. Brady

ONCE A LIAR by A. F. Brady
Park Row
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My Highly Caffeinated Thought: A psychological mystery which takes you down multiple paths until you don’t know what is true.

ONCE A LIAR is a book for people who love suspense novels filled with misdirections, layers of lies, and characters you will love to hate. Brady truly developed a story that plays with your mind and leaves you doubting how you didn’t see this coming. 

Book Review for ONCE A LIAR by A. F. Brady

What pulled me in with this book is how smart it is. The tension and build up to certain events is made even better by the way the author weaves together all the stories in the past and present. As the reader, there were a lot of moments I was not sure where the book was going. This constant edge of my seat reading made the plot even better.

There are no spoilers here, so don’t worry. However…I will say this. I had an inkling of what the ending was, but never thought it would play out the way it did. There is a concussion to the story, but not a true ending which I love. There is something so wonderful about leaving the what-ifs to ponder after a good read.

This is the first book I have read by the author and I am hooked!

Reviewer Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher and TLC Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.

In this electrifying psychological thriller, a high-powered sociopath meets his reckoning when he’s accused of the brutal murder of his mistress.

Did he kill Charlie Doyle? And if he didn’t…who did?

Peter Caine, a cutthroat Manhattan defense attorney, worked ruthlessly to become the best at his job. On the surface, he is charming and handsome, but inside he is cold and heartless. He fights without remorse to acquit murderers, pedophiles and rapists.

When Charlie Doyle, the daughter of the Manhattan DA—and Peter’s former lover—is murdered, Peter’s world is quickly sent into a tailspin. He becomes the prime suspect as the DA, a professional enemy of Peter’s, embarks on a witch hunt to avenge his daughter’s death, stopping at nothing to ensure Peter is found guilty of the murder.

In the challenge of his career and his life, Peter races against the clock to prove his innocence. As the evidence mounts against him, he’s forced to begin unraveling his own dark web of lies and confront the sins of his past. But the truth of who killed Charlie Doyle is more twisted and sinister than anyone could have imagined…

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About the Author: A.F. Brady is a New York State Licensed Mental Health Counselor/Psychotherapist. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Brown University and two Masters degrees in Psychological Counseling from Columbia University. She is a life-long New Yorker, and resides in Manhattan with her husband and their family. The Blind is her first novel.

Book Details:

Paperback: 384 pages
Publisher: Park Row; Original edition (January 29, 2019)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0778369978
ISBN-13: 978-0778369974

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