Book Review for WHO SLAYS THE WICKED by C. S. Harris

Sebastian St. Cyr Mystery, Book 14
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My Highly Caffeinated Thought: A wonderfully multi-layered mystery with duplicity and depravity as St. Cyr hunts for a killer of a dastardly nobleman.

As the fourteenth book in the Sebastian St. Cyr Mystery series, one would think that WHO SLAYS THE WICKED might not hold the interest of the reader as much as the previous stories. Well, you would be wrong. Harris yet again brings together the intrigue, underbelly of society, a murder, and the historical accuracies with such ease.


Here is what I love about this tale. It puts Sebastian in a place where he has to solve the murder of a man he detests to help someone he cares about. This duality within the case and the narrative is intriguing from a reader’s perspective. It tests the characters in new ways as the situation unravels. The questions brought up as well as the lies told only to make the mystery even better.

I have to say, Harris’ writing is superb. The tale flows effortlessly through the twists and turns thrown our way all with historical accuracy fans of this time-period will love. If you are looking for a series to become absorbed in, this is one to try. I especially recommend it for fans of Sherlock Holmes, Veronica Speedwell, and The Lady Sherlock series. 

Reviewer Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

The death of a fiendish nobleman strikes close to home as Sebastian St. Cyr is tasked with finding the killer to save his young cousin from persecution in this riveting new historical mystery from the USA Today bestselling author of Why Kill the Innocent....

When the handsome but dissolute young gentleman Lord Ashworth is found brutally murdered, Sebastian St. Cyr, Viscount Devlin, is called in by Bow Street magistrate Sir Henry Lovejoy to help catch the killer. Just seven months before, Sebastian had suspected Ashworth of aiding one of his longtime friends and companions in the kidnapping and murder of a string of vulnerable street children. But Sebastian was never able to prove Ashworth's complicity. Nor was he able to prevent his troubled, headstrong young niece Stephanie from entering into a disastrous marriage with the dangerous nobleman.

Stephanie has survived the difficult birth of twin sons. But Sebastian soon discovers that her marriage has quickly degenerated into a sham. Ashworth abandoned his pregnant bride at his father's Park Street mansion and has continued living an essentially bachelor existence. And mounting evidence--ranging from a small bloody handprint to a woman's silk stocking--suggests that Ashworth's killer was a woman. Sebastian is tasked with unraveling the shocking nest of secrets surrounding Ashworth's life to keep Stephanie from being punished for his death.

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About the Author: An Air Force brat who grew up exploring castles in Spain and fishing in the mountains of Oregon and Idaho, Candy later worked as an archaeologist and earned a PhD in European history. She now writes the Sebastian St. Cyr historical mystery series as C.S. Harris and historicals under her own name, Candice Proctor. Married to retired Army Colonel Steve Harris, she lives in New Orleans. Visit her website at

Book Details:

Series: Sebastian St. Cyr Mystery (Book 14)
Hardcover: 352 pages
Publisher: Berkley (April 2, 2019)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0399585656
ISBN-13: 978-0399585654 

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