Are You a Nasty Woman?

Are You a Nasty Woman? A look at FEMINASTY by Erin Gibson

In my constant quest for new books and perspectives on feminism, I came across FEMINASTY: The Complicated Woman's Guide to Surviving the Patriarchy Without Drinking Herself to Death by Erin Gibson. If the synopsis didn’t sell me enough, the Dynasty looking cover and a glass of champs did.

FEMINSTASY is a bitingly witty and funny as hell book filled with personal anecdotes, political commentary, and feminist ideology. Gibson brings to her readers a remarkably frank approach to how she believes women should be perceived and treated in society. However, I never felt once that the author was preaching. Of course, she lets her opinion know which is why I loved the book. Yet, with every page read, I felt more fired up. I would read a passage and think how right she is or why hadn’t I ever known that most makeup companies are run by men…and not even drag queens who would understand my need for coverage under my eyes.

If you want a completely relatable, fun, and honest book about feminism this is your book. If you want to laugh and while figuring out how to fight the patriarchy, this is your book too! From beginning to end, I loved how Gibson broke through the bull and got to the core of the problems many women facing.

Are You a Nasty Woman? A look at FEMINASTY by Erin Gibson

From the wickedly funny and feminist creator and host of the "Throwing Shade" podcast, a collection of hilarious personal essays and political commentary perfect for fans of Lindy West and Roxane Gay.

Since women earned the right to vote a little under one hundred years ago, our progress hasn't been the Olympic sprint toward gender equality first wave feminists hoped for, but more of a slow, elderly mall walk (with frequent stops to Cinnabon) over the four hundred million hurdles we still face. Some of these obstacles are obvious-unequal pay, under-representation in government, reproductive restrictions, lack of floor-length mirrors in hotel rooms. But a lot of them are harder to identify. They're the white noise of oppression that we've accepted as lady business as usual, and the patriarchy wants to keep it that way.

Erin Gibson has a singular goal-to create a utopian future where women are recognized as humans. In FEMINASTY-titled after her nickname on the hit podcast "Throwing Shade"-she has written a collection of make-you-laugh-until-you-cry essays that expose the hidden rules that make life as a woman unnecessarily hard and deconstructs them in a way that's bold, provocative and hilarious.

Whether it's shaming women for having their periods, allowing them into STEM fields but never treating them like they truly belong, or dictating strict rules for how they should dress in every situation, Erin breaks down the organized chaos of old fashioned sexism, intentional and otherwise, that systemically keeps women down.

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Reviewer Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

About the Author: Emmy-nominated Southern loudmouth Erin Gibson is an expert at mixing social commentary, political satire, and vagina jokes into neat little comedy packages. Based in Los Angeles, she's one half of the Throwing Shade empire, which includes an award winning political absurdist comedy podcast, international live touring show, the Funny or Die web series and a TV Land late night show. She developed her social commentary chops as the host of "Modern Lady" and sharpened them writing and directing political sketches for Funny or Die, where you've seen her impersonate terrible women like Michele Bachmann, Megyn Kelly, Michelle Duggar and Ivanka Trump. She also created the long running Emmy-nominated "Gay of Thrones" starring her real-life hair stylist, Jonathan Van Ness. Feminasty is her debut book of comedic essays.

Book Details:

Hardcover: 288 pages
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing (September 4, 2018)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1455571865
ISBN-13: 978-1455571864

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