We Need To Do Better.

  Photo by Hadis Safari on Unsplash  

 Photo by Hadis Safari on Unsplash 

In what seems like an endless cycle of High School shootings, I found myself siting at my desk and staring at the all too familiar red news alert banner on my computer screen. More children are dead. More parents outliving their babies. More rhetoric and promises are being spoken.

No matter what side you stand on the issue of gun control, I believe we all feel children should not have to go to school and wonder if today will be the day they have to hide in a closet for their lives. This is not what I want for them. We need to do better. My heart breaks for every tombstone carved with a name of a life lost too soon. My outrage at the lack of a solid plan in government will consume my brain until it hurts. I will read and watch the talking heads debate the issue over and over again with each side just talking. At what point do we do something? At what point to we start listening to the victims like the ones in Parkland as well as all those before and after them.

We need to do better.

Listen, I don’t have the answers. If I made promises and gave platitudes, I would be no better than all those who jump on the bandwagon. I have my beliefs and I know where I stand on gun control. I want change that will make a difference. I want both sides of this issue to come together and stop attacking each other. There is a way to make it safe for these kids.

As the adults in this situation, it is important for us to take a cue from the kids who have more passion and drive than we do. I want us all to stand together and make our voices heard. They should be loud and not fade away once the news stops covering the latest tragedy.

The conversation has been started. So I ask you...how can we all do better?