Book Review for ART FROM DREAMS by Susan Levin

Susan Levin's book ART FROM DREAMS, MY JUNGIAN JOURNEY in COLLAGE, ASSEMBLAGE, and POETRY is a truly beautiful book. Not only does print book have amazing images, but having the art put with the poetry gives the reader (and viewer) more of an in depth look at what went into the creation of the art.

In the pieces that are just collage and painting, there is painterly quality to her work. What I mean is you can see the the levels of the medium in a way that they become something else besides just a tool to convey a message. However, in the pieces that are more item/object based, I have to say that Levin''s art reminds me of Joseph Cornell''s artwork. Many years ago I had the opportunity to see his work in person and it was magical. I had never been one who liked the collage & assemblage type of work, his pieces changed my mind on that. For those of you who don''t know who Joseph Cornell is, you can check out his work on WebMuseum or on But I digress ...

Susan's work started out while she was a Jungian dream analyst, but in my option, the work after that (Part II) is where you really start to see more depth. Though the pieces in Part I are good, my interpretation of the work was that she was trying to figure out where to put her thoughts. The pieces seem more organized. Where in the second part of the book, I could start to feel what she was feeling. Though there is still order and process to her work, I felt as if with the Nocturne pieces, I could see the dream in more of a freeform state. These pieces such as The Break-Up and Thunderstorms are magical to me. There is a freedom in them, that I just love

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About the Book:

ART FROM DREAMS, MY JUNGIAN JOURNEY in COLLAGE, ASSEMBLAGE, and POETRY celebrates artistic expression as an exploration for self-awareness. Art-making and poetry reveal to ourselves and to others the images and feelings that arise within us in dreams. The very process of creation taps into the source of our inner wisdom. Poetry itself can be accessible as a collage of named images put together in various forms to communicate to and from our innermost selves.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Susan Levin has a B.A. from the University of Michigan and an Masters of Public Health (MPH) from Johns Hopkins University. In addition, she studied art at the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan. She is a working artist in Los Angeles, Ca.

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